Breakfast Workshop A

Human OA Model Technologies: “Joint-on-a-chip”

Date/Time: Friday, May 3, 2019 - 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM
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Human OA Model Technologies: “Joint-on-a-chip”
Marcel Karperien, PhD - University of Twente

None of the currently available animal models is capable of capturing the full complexity of osteoarthritis in man. Organ-on-chip technologies is an emerging field aiming at developing miniaturized humanized models for understanding organ function in health and disease. These humanized models are expected better predictive for human disease than animals and ultimately my reduce the need of animal testing. Various attempts are currently explored to recreate a human joint-on-chip. It is expected that these joint-on-chip models proof valuable in deciphering complex interactions between joint tissues in the initiation and progression of disease which cannot easily be studied in human. Furthermore they may proof highly valuable in drug development programs. But how to engineer a joint-on-chip: This effort requires a multidisciplinary approach. It requires input from typical engineering disciplines from diverse fields like microfluidics, polymer chemistry and processing and physics of fluids with life sciences. In this session I will highlight basic principles from organ-on-chip technologies. Together we will work on a set of minimal characteristics that would define a joint-on-chip. We will discuss the challenges that still need resolving. I will illustrate the session with examples from literature and our own work on recreating the human joint on a chip.